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Surgicare UK Ltd is pleased to offer the launch of a new service. This will allow patients to book into on-line surgical consultations and interact with a Consultant Surgeon via a secure video link (Microsoft Teams™). If you do not have access to Microsoft Teams and would prefer a standard telephone call then please state on your booking. During the 30-minute consultation your surgeon will take a detailed history from you and talk to you in depth about your condition and treatment options. You will be sent a copy of the consultation for your records as well as your GP receiving a copy. You will be able to take this to any further medical consultations you might have. 

For your convince the clinic slots are offered on Wednesday and Thursday morning and in the evenings Monday to Thursday.

Conditions this Service consults

Abdominal Pain





Unexplained Weight Loss

The consultation may recommend that you have further tests or treatment. Surgicare UK Ltd can arrange further tests and treatment through appropriate centres.


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